Special Event Services


Planning is vital to an event’s success as it presents the organizer an opportunity to work through any challenges with maintaining public’s safety, but more importantly it allows for the promotion of a unified command structure that includes local law enforcement and emergency response agencies to serve a pivotal role. Planning includes an exercise that brings together all the agencies and the event organizer. The purpose of the exercise is to talk through and implement a strategy in response to incidents that may occur at an event. Preparedness is the key to the responding before the incident happens. 


Management is the execution of the planning for the public’s safety at the event. Our management solution is extensive with an on site safety coordinator available all the time throughout the event, and additional resources that can benefit local public sector partners.

After Action

After Action establishes what worked and what did not work. A complete report is submitted to the event organizer to help plan for future events. Our work is not done when the event is over – it is only just beginning.