Tall Ships® Festivals

Strategic Partnership

Pearsco Solutions is a proud business partner of Tall Ships America® and their mission to support sail training. 

Our engagement with Tall Ships America® provides Host Ports the opportunity to meet the requirements of the Marine Event of National Significance (MENS) designation for public safety planning and execution.

Our past experience and performance working MENS events will allow event organizers to focus on running their event without the worry of public safety. 

Tall Ships® Festivals and other Marine Events

Tall Ships® Festivals are annual events that draw thousands of visitors. The Festivals can be vital to a host city's local economy. It also presents a complex set of challenges with planning to combine waterside and shoreside initiatives. Festivals who are designated as MENS events are required to submit documents that can support the organizer's intention to have a safe operation. 

How do we engage?

Pearsco Solutions will work with local stakeholders and develop the plans necessary to have a safe event. 

We plan the entire public safety operation of a Tall Ships® Festival.  Our planning includes drafting the Marine Event of National Significance (MENS) Security Plan that meets or exceeds US Coast Guard requirements, assist with drafting the Incident Action Plan, work with federal, state, local law enforcement, emergency response, and contracted private security agencies to promote a unified command structure, and develop the necessary written plans required to mitigate the risk for theTall Ships® event. We organize and lead the exercise to bring together all the public/private sector agencies and event organizer to evaluate responses to possible incidents.