How can we help your event?

Pearsco removes the burden....

of planning for public safety because we take the lead. We do not replace the local stakeholders such as the police, fire, medical, and security firms - we work directly with them. If contracted security guard firms are required, then part of our relationship with you is to develop an RFP (Request for Proposal) and assist with the selection process of those firms. However, more importantly, for your event’s success we serve as the conduit to help streamline public safety by mitigating your risk. It is our belief that by strategizing comprehensive planning and management we can help with increasing the public safety initiative, the defense of potential lawsuits involving allegations of negligent public safety practices, and potentially defray insurance premiums. 

Special event organizers are required to maintain adequate insurance protection. They accomplish this task by submitting their event info to a prospective insurance underwriter. When underwriting an event for the insurance, the carriers will want to know everything being done from a safety standpoint, depending on the type of event. It is important when underwriting to advise the carriers, what the event planner is doing, and with whom they have consulted to secure the event. Providing the carriers with a written plan is very valuable and can make a difference in the carrier quoting the event, providing the broadest coverage, offering increased limits of liability and then pricing it.

Public safety is everything when having an event from a liability standpoint. 

Many event planners feel that the solution is to call 911 or just hire security guards to walk around.  The responsibility of the public's safety belongs to the event planner.  

Event planners are not safety consultants and need to speak to a professional who can bring to the table a complete written package of thoughts, ideas and training that otherwise could possibly be overlooked and hind sight is not something you want after a serious event has taken place.

Pearsco Solutions believes with the correct public safety planning and management that event organizers will decrease their risk and exposure to potential liability.